I have been waiting for this lens too, but based on this set of images, I am not buying it. I have 18-55 now, hoped for 16-80 to add range at each end and keep the quality AT LEAST as good as 18-55 (far from stellar -but definitely better than 16-80). The problem is, based on the images above, it does not deliver. I am disappointed Fuji keeps on giving us average lenses at premium prices (EUR 800 asked for this lens is what Canon RF 24-105 costs here right now!). And this lens is NOWHERE close as good as RF 24-105 … Yes, Fuji lenses are mostly nice metal, but the metal parts do not make the IQ, the glass parts do.

I am surprised you are all aaa-hs and ooo-hs about this lens while the images are only about average (I mean IQ, not your photography) – you may want to look at that bokeh again. For it is lot lovely at all, it is all nervous and muddy.

Too bad for me, as I am already invested in two Fuji bodies. So I may be selling this kit and go where lenses are ;-( bigger and ;-( heavier but at least they deliver prime results so much sought after by my clients.

Source: Jonas Rask