2.467,00 DKK inkl. moms

NanLite Forza 60

  • Monolight style COB LED
  • Output 11950 Lux of 5600K daylight-balanced light at 1 meter
  • Output with optional fresnel: 23860 Lux at 1 meter
  • Flicker-Free Dimming from 100% to 1% up to 25,000 fps
  • High CRI/TLCI of 98/95
  • Pre-programmed lighting effects of lightning, a TV screen, a flash, and a malfunctioning light bulb (bad bulb).
  • Includes Light, Power Adapter, Reflector, Carry Case
  • An optional Soft Box and Fresnel are available.

Yderligere information

For a limited time only, you can get the Bowens adapter ( AS-BA-FZ60) with the Forza 60. It is a must have, and it will allow you to use Bowens mount light shapers on your Forza 60. And the Bowens mount adaptor also includes an umbrella rod mount to use umbrella reflectors and diffusers. Opening up endless creative possibilities!


Put them together, and let the awesomeness begin.