SARAMONIC MixMic 2-CH Audio Mixer & XLR Mic

2.159,00 DKK inkl. moms

Key Features

  • Includes (removable) SR-NV5 Shotgun Microphone with integrated 2-Channel XLR Audio Mixer
  • Dual Channel Level Controls
  • Dual Channel Level Controls
  • Dual Channel Gain Switches (0db, 10dB, 20dB)
  • Dual Channel Low cut switches
  • Dual Channel Line/Mic/48V Phantom Power Switches

Yderligere information

MixMic XLR Audio Adapter Kit with Microphone

This allows you to connect your camera to professional-level mixing consoles, microphones, and sound studios. The adapter features two pro-standard XLR terminals for maximum operating flexibility, providing separate volume control of two channels, gain setting and wind noise reduction. The Mic/Line input switching helps you capture detailed recording levels and control low frequency sound.



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