SIRUI T-2005SK+G-20KX Tripod Kit with Ballhead

1.863,00 DKK inkl. moms

Antal vaterpas 3

Midtersøjle Ja 
Stativhoved-gevind 3/8″, 1/4″
Låsemekanisme af ben Twist Lock
Ben-sektioner 5
Quick ReleaseJ a
Stativfod Pigge, Gummi
Benets diameter (mm)29.4 mm
Type af hovedKugle hoved
Warranty 6 år
Minimum højde (mm)245 mm
Anvendelse Rejse, Spejlløst, DSLR, CSC
Farve Sort
Maksimal ben højde (mm)1395 mm
Sammenklappet længde 420 mm
Maksimal højde (mm)1595 mm
Materiale Aluminium
Maksimal bære vægt (kg)15 kg
Vægt (g)2400 g

Yderligere information

Their compact and portable design is perfect for the photographer who needs a full feature support and also a light and small tripod which can be in your equipment all the time.

The new Magnesium Leg Socket and Ergonomic S-Grade Leg Design makes it lighter and stronger than previous models and with better shock-absorption.

The TS-series have as standard that one leg can be detached and converted to a monopod.

A short centercolumn is included, and can be used when you want to shot near the ground.

The leg angle adjustment selector is a critical part of a tripod as the photographer has to adjust the leg angle every time the tripod is used. With its new large size, 3 positions and semi-automatic operation these are perfect for the worlds most demanding photographers.

The Spider of the tripod contains a 1/4″ screw-socket for easily connecting additional accessories without use of clip or clamps

The hook in the bottom of the centercolumn, can be used to add weight with a camera bag or sand bag

Twist the leg lock knob 1/3 turn, for fast extending and retracting of the legs. The leg locking knobs can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

A practical, supplied carrying case and grip friendly, insulated wraps on each leg for use in cold weather is a standard with Sirui tripods.

It comes with mounted rubber feet, but also stainless spikes are supplied.

Below technical info is including G-20X ballhead.